Happy National Urgent Care Awareness Month!

urgent care in north bergen, nj

Every year, the Urgent Care Association of America recognizes May as National Urgent Care Awareness Month. The purpose of National Urgent Care Awareness Month is to educate Americans about the benefits of urgent care and the contributions that urgent care medical providers have brought to their respective communities.
Here at AFC Urgent Care North Bergen, we celebrate Urgent Care Awareness Month by doing the same thing we’ve always done: delivering the highest-quality urgent care possible to the North Bergen, NJ community.
The Importance of Urgent Care 
Like an emergency room, urgent care centers offer walk-in accessibility, meaning that at AFC Urgent Care North Bergen patients can visit our center any day of the week, with no appointment necessary. However, unlike an emergency room, we get patients in-and-out the door quickly, often in under an hour. This is because our board-certified medical providers have adopted a streamlined process that guarantees accessible service without compromising the integrity of our top-quality care.
Also, unlike an emergency room, patients can enjoy low costs, as we accept most health insurances and even offer affordable self-pay options, meaning that if you don’t have insurance, you can choose to pay using our cost-effective pricing options. Meanwhile, patients who go to the emergency room will have to either pay expensive self-pay costs or pay the lofty ER co-pay.
AFC Urgent Care North Bergen also maintains the same friendly, laid back atmosphere as your primary care physician’s office. The ER won’t provide patients with the same personalized care that our center offers. Yet unlike the doctor’s office, we accept patients on a walk-in basis, establishing AFC Urgent Care North Bergen as the most convenient and accessible medical resource within the North Bergen community.
For more information, call us at 201.588.1300 or walk into our center today! We look forward to being your go-to destination for all walk-in medical services!