School safety tips

School is back in session & if your kids are returning to school or just started a brand new journey at school you should take note on these tips AFC Urgent Care North Bergen is offering for the new school year! It is always important to be on the same page with your kids about safety at school, sometimes we often feel school is an automatic safe zone however having a some strategies on hand is never a bad idea.

Plan Safety route to & from school

If your child is old enough to take the bus or walk to school it is important that you go over a route to school with them. First familiarize yourself with a route to school, that would be quick & effective. Walk the route with your child so you are both on track. This way your child always has a route too & from school on a daily basis & in case of an emergency , your child will know how to get home.

Familiarize yourself with your child’s friends

Your child’s friends have a lot to do with their personality & how they will act when you are not around. A good way to get to know your child’s friends without being too invasive or pushy, is too just talk to your child. Having open communication is key factor in staying current in your child’s life. Just ask your child about their day & show you that you care.

Sanitation precautions

School can be a very hazardous place sometimes when a virus is going around. Your child will be always be surrounded by many kids. It is important that you give your child some tips on sanitation such as :

  • Sneeze into your elbow
  • Wash hands after every meal
  • Be careful about physical contact

Use these tips to make your child’s school year go smoother than the last year!