Check your skin because its National healthy skin month!

This month you should take some time & reflect on the condition of your skin! Most people tend to forget that our skin is the largest organ on our body & it needs to be worked on consistently. Instead of ignoring our skin because it may seem to appear okay or covering it with makeup it is important to understand the importance of keeping the skin healthy. This is why AFC Urgent Care, North Bergen is offering some tips to healthy skin!

Make sure always to take a bath & shower

Yes we know this seems like a visible tip, however, we are not trying to remind you to take a bath & a shower every day! Instead, we are talking about the temperature of the water that you use when doing these things. We know how good a hot shower feels on a cold winter day but did you know that a hot shower can cause your skin to dry out ?! Years of hot showers can lead to some pretty severe skin complications so be mindful of this. You should also time yourself when you are taking a bath. We know how relaxing a shower feels but too much exposure to your body soaking can even leas to your skin drying out.

Make sure to moisturize

After you get out of your shower or bath, you should gently pat down your skin until its dry. You should then be adding moisturizer before getting dressed. Depending on your skin type or on the time of the year your skin may be more dehydrated than usual. If this is true, then you should look into buying a thicker more lasting moisturizer. In the winter times, we spend a lot of time inside & the dry air from our heaters can lead to a lot of dry skin. Buying a humidifier can also help with your skin if you are experiencing complications.

Be gentle with your skin

Our skin endures a lot, but we have to remember that our skin is susceptible! Try to pay attention to the type of fabric you use on your towels. Some materials may be too rough & can leave you with scratches & marks after use. Also, make sure to wash your hands. Showers target the whole body, but during the day you should be washing your hands regularly to protect yourself from bacteria & viruses. We hope all of these techniques will help you have healthy skin!