Make sure to Snuff out those Allergies this Holiday Season

he Holiday season is upon us once again & we here at AFC North Bergen would like to wish you all a happy & safe holiday season. The Holidays are about spending time with your family, friends & loved ones. The last thing anyone wants to do is be sneezing up a storm at the Holiday party! If you suffer from year-round allergies or seasonal ones, then you know what its like to have allergies this time of the year. AFC Urgent care is now offering you some tips to stay away from those pesky allergies & enjoy your holidays!

Don’t wait for the sneezing to start

If you have already encountered your allergies for this season are sorry, but you cannot perform this tip; however, you can use it next year! The best way to beat allergies is actually to be ahead of them! This means if you know you start sneezing & getting symptoms in December then you should start treating yourself for allergies within the last two weeks of November! Taking your medication two weeks before symptoms will help prep your body for when its time to fight! This may not completely alleviate you of your allergy symptoms, but at the least, it will make your symptoms less severe & more manageable.

Fight Pollen

As we know most of us are allergic to pollen. A common allergy is a pollen that comes from plants that bloom in Late May & the following summer months. This usually dies down for most people as the season’s change and the flowers start to die. If you are still experiencing allergies, then odds are you are suffering allergies from ragweed. Ragweed is found in plants, bushes & trees. An excellent way to combat ragweed is to leave it outside! By this, we mean when you come inside to make sure to leave your shoes at the door & have to wipe yourself off. If you have any pets, make sure you brush them off before they come inside as well.


If you are experiencing allergies inside & this not extremely healthy for you, then you should check your house for mold. The fungus grows in warm, damp places around the house. It can be anywhere from under your kitchen sink to above your bed on the ceiling. Mold can grow extremely fast, so it is imperative to check around at least once a month in the winter time to have a good handle on the situation.