What Does Health Look Like in 2019?

The world of health is continuously evolving and changing to meet the needs of the modern-day consumer. While those changes always hold a similar goal in mind, the steps taken to achieve that goal vary greatly. 2019 is expected to be a year unlike any other in the health industry for multiple reasons, but we’re going to introduce you to a few right now!

Focusing on Health, Not Weight Loss

For years the terms health and weight loss have gone hand in hand, but that’s no longer the case. In 2019 people are focusing on their health and how they feel overall rather than the number on the scale. Of course, healthy lifestyle changes often result in weight loss, but it isn’t the goal anymore. By putting the focus on how people feel physically rather than how a number looks, people have begun to make genuinely healthy choices. Rather than starving and replacing meals with protein shakes people are opting to enjoy whole foods that fuel their mind and body with the nutrients it needs.

Energy is Important

We live in a busy world, so it’s no wonder that there’s a focus on energy, even in the world of health. While people used to grab for an energy drink for a quick boost, they’re now turning to sources of natural and sustainable energy in their diet. By making healthy dietary choices on a daily basis, people are able to feel energized consistently rather than only for a short period. Fitness routines including yoga, meditation, and other energizing routines are gaining popularity as well. A healthy mind leads to a healthy and energized body!

Forget the Animal Products

Vegans and vegetarians have a reputation for being annoying, often getting made fun of in stand-up comedy and sitcoms. While the jokes may be funny, more and more people are deciding to drop the animal products. That doesn’t mean going vegan or vegetarian 100% of the time, but rather acknowledging that a meal doesn’t have to contain meat and dairy to be a fulfilling and healthy choice. Restaurants and grocery stores have noticed the change, so be prepared to see more plant-based options on menus and store shelves in 2019! This is a year to focus on health for the entire body rather than just long enough to lose weight or say you completed a trendy diet and that’s honestly a first in the health and fitness industry