What's causing your Spring Allergies

April is here, and it has brought spring with it! Spring is a lovely time of year, warmer weather, happier people, and the start of outdoor activities! Unfortunately, for many people, spring is also the start of allergies. Allergies can prove to be extremely annoying and sometimes painful for those who are trying to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. AFC Urgent Care North Bergen is here to give you some advice so you can enjoy your spring this year!

What causes Allergies in Spring?

Warm weather causes flowers and trees to blossom, this is a normal part of our environment that is extremely important to our planet. Unfortunately, our bodies sometimes do not react well to this process. Part of getting over allergies understands where they come from.

Tree Pollen

When we think of Spring allergies, most people will think of pollen that comes from flowers. However, tree pollen is an unknown threat to us. If you think about it, trees are much bigger than flowers and can have flowers that grow out of them which make them a double threat when it comes to pollen. There are over 10 types of trees that produce 10 different types of pollens. The symptoms from tree allergies mimic the same as allergies to pollen from flowers except more intense; itchy/scratchy nose and throat, red eyes, slight fever.  Rain may not be your favorite type of weather but when it rains the pollen count goes to an all-time low!


Mold can affect you outside and inside. Mold can be dangerous if you are exposed to it for too long, so it is essential to follow these tips on how to spot it! Outside, mold can be found on trees, rocks, parts of grass. Basically, mold can be found anywhere that is warm and wet. In your house mold can grow in the bathroom, next to the tub or sink. In the basement in the corners that may have started leaking. If you are experiencing allergies inside, there is a good chance you are being exposed to mold & should check your surroundings immediately!
AFC Urgent Care North Bergen hopes these tips will help you stay away from allergies this spring!