Why Urgent Care Centers Are Becoming More Popular

You’ve probably noticed that the amount of urgent care centers has been on the rise. It seems like everywhere you look, you can find AFC Urgent Care. There’s no doubt that these urgent care centers are giving the traditional emergency room a run for their money, but why is that?

Efficient Care

One of the biggest reasons people choose urgent care over an emergency room is the speed of treatment. Emergency rooms are notorious for long wait times, which can be credited to the fact that they treat the most severe patients first. That leaves the less severe patients sitting in the waiting room for hours at a time. Urgent care centers operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. When you show up, you’ll be checked in, and when it’s your turn, you’ll be seen. For people looking to be seen, treated, and sent on to continue their day, urgent care centers are the obvious choice.

Low Cost

Another big perk of choosing urgent care is a lower bill at the end of your treatment. Urgent care centers provide the same care as an emergency room, but they do so for a fraction of the cost. Most insurance companies are accepted as well, so you may only be left with a small copay for a visit! If urgent care isn’t able to treat you, they’ll be able to refer you to a specialist who can. An emergency room would do the same thing but at double or triple the cost!


AFC Urgent care is an excellent alternative to a traditional family doctor. If you need lab work done or think you have a simple infection that needs an antibiotic, and urgent care can do the job. With a traditional doctor’s office, you’ll be limited to their office hours and get stuck waiting for the next available appointment time. Urgent care centers are designed to be convenient, so they’re open earlier and later than most doctor’s offices. You can walk in whenever it fits into your schedule instead of getting stuck with an appointment time.
Next time you need medical care, vaccinations, lab testing, or a physical, visiting your local urgent care. Once you see how quickly, cheaply, and efficiently you can receive the care you need, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start going there sooner!