3 Ways to Improve Your Safety While Riding a Bicycle 

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get exercise while having fun and enjoying the fresh air, but it can also lead to some painful accidents and injuries. luckily, it isn’t hard to take steps to improve your safety and lower your risk of injury while riding a bicycle. Check out these 3 easy ways to improve your safety while riding a bicycle. 

Get the Right Bike 

A bicycle that is too big or too small is a safety hazard. The wrong size bike will be harder to control, making an injury more likely. To test the size of your bike, stand over the top bar with both feet flat on the ground. There should be 1 to 3 inches between the top bar and you when standing in this position. 

Wear the Right Gear

A bike helmet is an essential part of biking safety. Look for a helmet that fits your head snuggly, while covering your forehead. Ensure that the chin strap is tightened each time you ride. It’s also good to wear clothes that fit well, as tight clothes can be restricting and loose clothes could get caught in the pedals. Opt for closed toed shoes to protect your feet and wear reflective clothing to ensure you’re visible to cars. You can also place reflective strips or lights on your bike to improve visibility even more. 

Discuss Biking Safety 

Biking safety means being aware of your surroundings! If you’re at a busy intersection, walk your bike across rather than riding it. even if you’re on the sidewalk, you should always be watching out for cars that may swerve in front of you. Another aspect of biking safety is having a bike that’s taken care of. Check your tire pressure as well as the tread to make sure they are adequate and will allow you control of the bike while riding. Regularly oil the chain, and try out the brakes before riding to reduce your risk of an accident. Peddles, handlebars, and the seat should all be tightened periodically too. 

Injury Treatment in North Bergen, NJ

AFC Urgent Care North Bergen is able to provide treatment for non-life-threatening injuries after bicycle accidents seven days a week. With on site x-rays, a laboratory to process blood work, as well as the necessary tools to treat injuries from cuts to fractures, we can handle nearly any biking injury! Our center offers extended hours and accepts most major insurance plans. For questions, please call 201-588-1300