Grilling & Food Safety Tips

Proper food precautions are important to avoid any food-borne illnesses this summer. If you are planning on grilling this summer, be sure to follow these grilling tips to avoid any potential disasters. AFC Urgent Care North Bergen wants you to have a fun, safe, and healthy summer. That is why we’re working with our community to help keep all of our residents safe.

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Grilling Safety

Grill aware from buildings and trees

Many grill fires happen because they are placed too close to homes, buildings, trees, and shrubs. Pay attention to the location of your grill while setting up, and always grill outside. Try and avoid grilling underneath tree branches, as well.

Make sure your grill is stable and cannot be knocked over easily. Place a grill-safe mat underneath to help balance out the legs and keep them steady. Avoid letting children and animals near the grill while it is on.

Keep your grill clean

Remove all grease and fat buildup on the grill before using. Allow the charcoal to cool completely before removing them from the grill. On propane grills, be sure to check for any propane leaks before using.

Never try to move the grill while it is on or even within a few hours after use. Grills can stay hot for hours after they are off. Also, don’t let shrubs or grass get too close to the grill; always try to keep them trimmed.

Be prepared

Be prepared for anything bad to happen with the grill by having a fire extinguisher on hand. Baking soda can help to put out grease fires, never try to put them out with water. If you do not have a fire extinguisher handy, keep a bucket of sand close by.

Food Safety Tips

Keep food separated

Raw foods and ready-to-eat foods should be kept separately. Raw foods can contaminate ready-to-eat foods with harmful bacteria and make people sick. Don’t use the same serving platters, cutting boards, or utensils for both raw and ready-to-eat foods.

Store all foods properly

Meats and other raw foods should be kept refrigerated until they are ready to be cooked. All cooked foods should be refrigerated within two hours of cooking (or 1 hour if it’s 90 degrees) to avoid the growth of bacteria. Similar to above, all ready-to-eat foods should be stored away from raw meats while in the fridge.

Cook appropriate foods safely

All meats and poultry have a safe internal temperature that they should be cooked to before consuming. When smoking meats, the temperature should be kept to 250 to 300 degrees. For more food safety tips, learn more with the Food Safety and Inspection Service.