Teaching Your Kids About Hygiene

Children are naturally curious by nature, learning about things through all of their senses including touch. As they return to school, your child may take some time to readjust to being around other children and new germs. Teaching your children about proper hygiene can prevent them from getting sick and spreading illness throughout your home. Try following these easy tips to keep your family healthy when learning about cleanliness!

Proper Handwashing

Making sure each member of your family learns proper hand washing protocol is critical: hands are used to touch a number of things throughout the day, many of which can be contaminated with germs from all kinds of sources. They should be washing their hands frequently throughout the day, especially before eating and after using the bathroom. Using soap and hot water, they should lather all around their hands including the tops and between their fingers for at least 30 seconds. In order to learn timing, have them sing the ABC Song while scrubbing their hands.

Vampire Sneezing

By covering their mouth with their hands while sneezing or coughing, germs are just going on their skin and clothing, which can make them vulnerable to getting sick as well as make it easier to spread illnesses through contact. Instead, teach them the “vampire” method of coughing and sneezing into the crook of their elbow. The moisture will go onto their sleeve, rather than in the air, which can keep them from getting sick.

Teach them about different contaminants

Anything can get you sick, but it’s important to teach your children the different things that contain germs. From other children to door handles, desk surfaces and incorrectly prepared food, there are items all around that can spread germs and get them sick. Make sure your child knows when food is undercooked and to not put strange objects in their mouth. They should be washing their hands frequently throughout the day, especially if they are handling objects that may not have been washed.

Getting an Annual Flu Shot

The flu shot is the most effective way to prevent the influenza virus and is encouraged in every child over the age of six months. Young children are considered high-risk for complications if they contract the flu, and it is recommended that they get the vaccine early in the season each year to prevent infection. If your child is afraid of needles, a vaccination option through a nasal spray is available.

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