When Should I Go to Urgent Care with a Cold?

During the cold and flu season, it can be challenging to determine what you can treat at home and what may require a visit to a medical clinic. You will probably feel miserable with the symptoms that come along with the flu, but you can usually treat your symptoms while at home. If your symptoms are not properly treated, or if they are getting worse instead of getting better, the right answer is usually medical attention. More than twenty thousand people become hospitalized because of the flu, so do not hesitate to get treatment for your advanced cold symptoms. 

Sinus Symptoms

The cold and flu usually come with a runny nose and congestion. For the most part, an over the counter decongestant will help relieve the symptoms until they disappear on their own within a week or so. If the decongestant does not alleviate your symptoms or they are not gone in seven days, it is time to visit an urgent care center. It is a sign of a bacterial infection in your sinus tract if your congestion doesn’t alleviate. This requires antibiotics to be treated. 


It is common to have a fever while the illness runs its course through your immune system.  Fevers can be reduced by taking over the counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or Tylenol. If the over the counter medications do not reduce the fever, you need to get treatment right away. A fever that is above 104 needs immediate attention and treatment to prevent further damage to the body from such high temperatures. 


One of the main reasons that people become hospitalized from a cold or flu is dehydration. Frequent vomiting and diarrhea are symptoms that are common with certain strains of the flu. However, it can lead to a very serious case of dehydration. It is important to drink plenty of water and drinks that are filled with electrolytes. Drink as much as possible if you are experiencing vomiting and diarrhea, even if you are not feeling hungry or thirsty. If you feel weak, faint, dizzy, or confused you need to go to an urgent care center right away. You will most likely need to be given IV fluids and electrolytes to get your body back to normal functionality. However, the sooner you go to urgent care and seek treatment for your dehydration, the less likely you are to be hospitalized.

Walk-In Acute Illness Treatment in North Bergen, NJ

Do not take your severe cold symptoms lightly. When dealing with sickness, the sooner you seek help, the better the results.  Visit AFC Urgent Care North Bergen seven days a week for cold treatment. Most major insurance plans are accepted. Please call 201-588-1300 for more information.